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Alluvium Gatherings

Cultivating thriving communities and ecosystems through shared experiences

Whether you're arranging a team retreat, convening for collaboration, a bioregional tour, or hosting a gathering of leaders, we're your partner in taking your gatherings to the next level. We bring years of experience, a large network of relationships, and skills in project management to take care of all the details, allowing you to use your time most effectively and focus on the big picture.

Who we are

Alluvium refers to sediments brought together by flowing water, as in a riverbed, flood plain, or delta. Just as these sediments come together to create fertile soils, gatherings bring people together to deepen relationships, cultivate possibility, and inspire ideas that add up to a larger whole.

Alluvium Gatherings encourages communities and ecosystems to thrive by creating spaces that allow people to come together to solve the challenges of our time.

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“Moccasin Footprint Society (MFS) is an indigenous charity based in Nuxalkulmc and Secwpemeculecw, in colonial British Columbia, Canada. Our work focuses on making known the many "moccasin footprints" that indigenous peoples have contributed to diverse knowledge systems, while upholding grassroots indigenous peoples, knowledge and systems. Alluvium Gatherings has demonstrated excellence through the professional organizing of community events and a recent MFS executive retreat. We appreciated the consistent and clear communication and taking the time to work with our team to build rapport and trust. MFS highly recommends Alluvium Gatherings.”


Executive Director, Moccasin Footprint Society

What they say about us

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