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Whether you're arranging a bioregional tour, live streaming a conference, hosting a movement-building gathering,  convening a team retreat or aren't sure where to start, we're your partner in taking your events to the next level. We bring years of experience, a large network of relationships, and skills in project management to take care of all the details, allowing you to use your time most effectively and focus on the big picture.

Gathering Design

Imagine the purpose of your gathering, how it can further your larger strategy, what participants will experience, and how we’ll make it happen. We can call upon our large network of trusted relationships, bring in experts, and add to the depth of experience in the gathering. This is a collaborative process with you.

Gathering Implementation

We make your event happen. This can include everything from creating a project timeline to creating an event website, preparing the venue, running the event, and following up with attendees post-event. We work with you to coordinate invitations, activities, travel, and lodging arrangements for gathering attendees. We’ll also help you on the day, whether that’s facilitating group discussions, managing the schedule, ensuring participation, or hosting the event.

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Hybrid and Virtual Events

Stream your event live. This could be as simple as a workshop hosted on Zoom. It could also be as complex as a high-production stream with multiple cameras and audio inputs to multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or embedded into a website. This can also include virtual registration set-up and management. 


We offer learning opportunities and guidance to community members interested in learning about organizing gatherings, project management or any other service we provide, in order to build capacity and skills within the community. A formal structure can be provided upon request.

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