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About Us

Alluvium Gatherings encourages communities and ecosystems to thrive by creating spaces that allow people to come together to solve the challenges of our time. 


Faced with a growing climate crisis, social injustice, and political divisiveness, thousands of people are creating solutions to these challenges and, as a result, new ways of being. In order to help these solutions scale at the rate required to create meaningful change, this work needs to be interconnected, interdisciplinary and locally focused. 


Our belief is that gatherings are an essential part of ensuring that people, ideas, and actions can come together to build momentum and attract resources. There is nothing more powerful than sharing space with others who enable you to feel a sense of belonging, empowerment, and motivation. Cultivating this deep trust is essential in the work of building movements.


As a partner in your work, we bring your purpose and impact to a broader audience to help you gain more support and awareness. Our work is grounded in reciprocity and collaboration, allowing all parties to bring their gifts and experience forward. 

We do our work in constant collaboration with others. All of our projects would not be possible without the amazing work of other individuals and organizations who make valuable contributions. To learn more about our partners, check out our projects and collaborators.


Kel Moody, Founder of Alluvium Gatherings


Kellen (Kel) Moody is a community cultivator and placemaker. As the founder of Alluvium Gatherings, they create and uplift movements through the design, planning, and implementation of gatherings. They have a passion for convening communities and leading teams to create meaningful experiences. Through their deep networks of relationships across the bioregion, they have led dozens of small- and large-scale events including the week-long virtual Festival of What Works hosted by Salmon Nation Trust. They have also worked in and around the Certified B Corp community, using business as a force for good, since 2016. They serve on both the B Local PDX board and Build Local Alliance board based out of Portland, Oregon. Kel deeply believes that developing a strong sense of place is one of the most meaningful pathways to purpose and that gatherings have the power to motivate collective impact to drive real and meaningful change. They currently live in the traditional territory of the Cowlitz and Chinook Nations, or what is now called Vancouver, WA, with their wife and toddler, taking moments to retreat to the forest and rivers as often as possible.

Relational Commitments

As a way of deepening trust and building long-term relationships with our partners, Alluvium Gatherings commits to the following:

  • Grounded in Reciprocity – Relationships are always best when there is mutual respect and benefit from engaging with one another. It is key to make sure there is a balance between giving and receiving. 

  • Always Learning – We acknowledge history, culture, and protocol all have a huge impact on the success of our collaborative work. The more we learn, the more we are able to add value.

  • Make it Joyful – Bringing play and joy into work is also key to its success. We will always find opportunities to find joy in our collaborations and make time to rest, have fun, and be in community. 

  • Be a Whole Person – It is vital for us to be in partnership with people with whom we can show up fully and bring our whole selves (the wonderful, the hard, and the in-between). We honor authenticity and vulnerability.

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